Friday, June 12, 2009


A race of men who can never die and are eternally embroiled in a battle to eradicate others of their kind until we find out they are aliens in the sequel? Sounds crazy, no? It isn't easy. You may ask why do we stay here if it's so dangerous? Well, we stay because of our love of

1) Our love of perms, trench coats, and white sneakers
2) Easy women and lightning montages
3) Queen, you see, we are princes of the universe.

But more than that, we stay because it's tradition! (a few bars of Tradition plays)

Here in _____, we have traditions for everything. How to sleep, how to eat, how to work, how to wear clothes. For instance, we always wear

1)Culturally inappropriate attire


2) (Nothing and skip to Tradition section OR something funnier)

Here in _____, Egyptians dress like Spaniards and speak with Scottish accents. How did this tradition get started? I'll tell you!..........I don't know

(Move into song "Tradition" change Papas, Mamas, Daughters, and Sons, to something Highlander related that I will write later when I am not at work)

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